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The Client
Kisaan Management Services is committed to assisting farmers in Pakistan through a diverse array of agricultural services. Their primary focus lies in enhancing various facets of the agricultural value chain, which encompasses sourcing essential raw materials, conducting comprehensive soil testing, delivering crucial veterinary support, and actively engaging in marketing and distribution endeavors. Their overarching objective is to elevate the agricultural landscape for farmers nationwide.

The Challenge

Our project aimed to establish a distinctive agricultural brand, one that would break away from the prevailing visual norms. This brand needed to resonate with the farming community, which possessed a unique set of preferences. Additionally, our target audience had limited digital literacy and English proficiency, necessitating a bilingual approach (English and Urdu) for effective communication.

A significant part of this project involved branding the Kisaan Flagship Store, which came with its challenges. This included working with vendors to ensure that all design elements were accurately scaled and executed correctly.

Furthermore, we focused on developing a consistent brand identity that could work well in both digital and print media. This involved the refinement of elements like graphic design, and illustration. As the launch event approached the tight deadline, our need for various materials highlighted the importance of careful planning and flawless execution to meet these challenging deadlines successfully.

The challenge was to align our creative vision with the diverse perspectives of multiple founders and stakeholders

Ensuring a robust brand identity was of paramount importance in establishing a meaningful connection with our agricultural audience and laying the foundation for building a consumer base from scratch. This endeavor included not only the visual elements but also content development to effectively communicate our brand's story and values.

The challenge was to align our creative vision with the diverse perspectives of multiple founders and stakeholders, all while incorporating insights and research to create compelling content that resonated with the target audience.

As a young company, KMS underwent several rapid changes. Both the product and its name evolved throughout the design process, demanding our team's swift adaptability to navigate these shifts effectively, both in terms of branding and content development.


Our efforts encompassed various aspects of branding and design:

  • Brand Identity Development: We embarked on crafting a distinct brand identity that would set the foundation for the project.
  • Design Language Creation: Building upon the established brand identity, we developed a cohesive design language that would permeate all our creative work.
  • Design Collateral: We then proceeded to create a range of design collateral, including uniforms, badges, membership cards, and more, all aligned with the brand's visual identity.
  • Logo Variations: Given the diverse facets of the brand, we designed multiple logos, each tailored for different segments like Klab, Kdukaan, Kvet, and so forth.
  • Photography and Videography: Our production team was dedicated to capturing high-quality photography and videography content for the website and the launch event.
  • Website Development: We also took on the task of building a user-friendly website that effectively represented the brand online.

Onsite Graphics: In addition to digital work, we ventured into onsite branding, creating visually appealing elements such as murals, signage, outdoor cascades, window graphics, and more, ensuring a consistent brand presence across physical spaces.


The brand launch was a resounding success, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience. Kisaan Management Services now boasts an impressive roster of achievements and its milestones reflect the growing impact of its efforts within the agricultural community.

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