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Our consulting vertical provides a diverse range of services ranging from automation to cybersecurity. Each is led by highly qualified and experienced professionals equipped with the expertise to solve any problem.

Software & Platform Engineering

Innovating with cutting-edge technology solutions

We design, architect, and build robust enterprise-scale Software Systems to accelerate your Digital Transformation journey. By leveraging cloud-native architectures, a DevOps mindset, and cutting-edge technology stacks, we engineer scalable, secure, and reliable software platforms.

Our Process

1. Assessment

We conduct an initial assessment to understand what the User Requirements are.

2. Design

We work with our Studios Team to create wireframes and mockups and then build and engineer the system.

3. Iteration

We have internal and customer stakeholders converge on a pre-release and pre-MVP system, delivering incremental functionality in sprints.

4. Testing

We incorporate DevOps processes and automate the deployment of pre-release software for testing and staging environments.

5. Re-Iteration

At every iteration, we incorporate product demos and testing to ensure close alignment with both our customers and product owners.

6. Deployment

After testing and publishing the finished MVP, mobile apps are released & published to App Stores; and deployed for production.

7. Refinement

We rapidly gather feedback for improvements and optimizations and incorporate them into another set of sprints for post-launch refinement.

Technology Expertise


Creating value with Data

We specialize in helping clients leverage their data assets to create tangible business value. Our team of experts combines cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to provide customized solutions that drive innovation and growth.

Technology Expertise

Our Process

1. Assessment

Our team conducts an initial assessment to understand what your requirements are.

2. Solution Customization

Our team finds the right solution fit for your business requirements and customizes the solution to match your exact needs.

3. Deployment

Based on the solution you decide, our teams help set up the relevant pipelines and data infrastructure to get your solution up and running.

4. Support

We rapidly gather feedback for improvements and optimizations and continue to provide consultation and support on your data solutions.


Automating the future

Our automation helps customers be more efficient. Whether it is the efficiency of their production systems or the efficient use of our natural resources, we help our customers do more with less.

Our Process

1. Assessment

Our team of engineers visits the facility to understand the process, the systems currently on site, and their interactions, and based on discussions with key stakeholders advise on a plan for improvement.

2. Technology

Based on the improvement strategy, we recommend technology that should be implemented to help improve processes and make them more efficient.

3. Partnerships

We have partnered with global OEMs to provide proven & best in class solutions, which work alongside customers’ existing investments. Local expertise ensures support is never far when it is most critical.

AWS Cloud Engineering

Optimizing your cloud environment 

Our mission is to provide expert services to help your business adopt AWS Cloud technology and run your Cloud infrastructure efficiently, securely, and optimally. From Cloud migration to Cloud-native design and Cloud DevOps, our AWS Cloud SMEs will help you in your Cloud transformation journey and unlock increased efficiency and agility.


Our Process

1. Assessment

Our team examines your AWS solution & infrastructure and finds the critical pain points and opportunities for improvement.

2. Solution

They then devise a technical solution based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework and address problems discovered during the assessment.

3. Implementation

The proposed technical solution is implemented by our team of AWS experts.

4. Impact

We assess the implemented solution to confirm the optimization's impact on your AWS solution.

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Integrating security into your cloud architecture

Our team of cybersecurity experts will examine every aspect of your digital infrastructure, from AWS Cloud to in-house products and anything else within your digital landscape to uncover your cybersecurity risk profile and maturity. Understanding the security risks your data and infrastructure are exposed to can help you manage your digital estate in a more secure and robust fashion.

Our Process

1. Assessment

We start by understanding the scope of your business operations, objectives, and motivations.

2. Offering Selection

Our team of experts suggests core offerings that are ideal for the client. The suggestions will be based on the organization’s unique needs.

3. Analysis

Our experts analyze all assets in the scope. The assets are tested against multiple processes to record behavior.

4. Remediation

Once the analysis stage is completed, flaws found are further studied and remediation of flaws is R&D’ed to ensure the most optimal and cost-effective solution is provided.

5. Reporting

All found issues, their details, criticality, impact, and remediation steps are packaged in our in-depth report and sent to the parties involved.

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